Carroll Kiphen from Texas


I met Carroll over at Carroll switched from writing poetry to writing song lyrics in 2008. To date he's written in excess of 2,000 song lyrics. This guy is amazing. He can write 2-3 song lyrics per day. About 100 or so of his songs have resulted in collaborative productions. From 2009 until 2013 Carroll obtained 6 publisher contracts. He has collaborated with musicians from Finland, Belgium, Germany, the U.K., Indonesia, Australia and the Philippines. Some of his songs can be found on his Soundcloud page.


  February Heart (feat. Tara-Lynn Sharrock)

  Giving Love A Try (feat. Karianne Kvalen)

  If I Was Young Again (feat. Linda Beringmeier)

  All These Years (feat. Alina Potthoff)

  The Pretender

  Once We Start To Kiss (feat. Ian Jenkins)

  Chasing The Wind

  Never Hold What’s Born To Fly (feat. John Evans)

  Born With The Blues (feat. Ian Jenkins)

  See What I See

  Candle Light And Wine

  Rain On A Tin Shed

  Runaway Heart

  February Heartache (Graham Gould cover)

  Anyone But Me (feat. Linda Beringmeier)

  Postcards of Yesterday (feat. Ian Jenkins)

  Shame, Shame, Shame

  Hello Heartbreak (feat. Ian Jenkins)

  Wonderful Girl

  Close Your Eyes

  Born To Love You

  Row Me Away


  Never Hold What’s Born To Fly

  Wonderful You

  Your Love Ain’t Lost On Me

  Plain Jane

  I’ve Never Been Me


  Tears Of Joy

  Every Step

  Truth’s A Bitter Pill

  Summer Of Dreams

  Solitary Man


  Never Let Me Go

  Still Hanging On

  You Had Me At Hello

  Out Of Sight Is Out Of Mind

  The Older I Get The Less I Know

  Shine Your Light On Me

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