Elisa from Stukenbrock-Senne, Germany

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Elisa, a teenager from Stukenbrock-Senne in Germany, is deemed to be one of the region’s hottest newcomers. In 2012 she became a finalist in the “Sing A Song” vocal contest hosted by the German radio station Radio Guetersloh. Her very first vocal recordings in my studio lead to the production of her single “Let Me Run”, which is available since September 2012. Producer Bastian Knochel confirms: Elisa’s voice is very versatile – she can easily handle both light and louder rock vocals.

Her vocal talents were discovered by her music teacher. After a public performance at school she sang at local festivities and participated in smaller gigs with a band called “Senne Duo & Friends”. Early 2013 she performed “Let Me Run” live in Bielefeld, Germany in a sold-out concert hall packed with an audience of over 3500 people. Elisa cannot only sing, she can also play various instruments like the trumpet, the piano and the guitar.

I personally think Elisa is a very versatile singer and she feels comfortable in various genres. I enjoy working with her. After finishing high-school Elisa wants to study pop/rock vocals and continue to drive her career forwards, either as a solo singer or in a band. I really hope we can continue to work together in the future.


about you” is Elisa’s debut album, an EP with five smoothly crafted, mainstream rock pop songs that cover a variety of styles and combine heart-touching, catchy melodies and lyrics, complex vocal arrangements and first-class production work and is topped off with the energetic, powerful voice of this amazingly talented teenager from Germany.

Let Me Run is a rock ballad that I wrote that describes the process of teenagers growing up and yearning to deal with life on their own. The track is produced in an indie rock style with a strong guitar sound. The song has a very catchy hook line.

You’re No Good is an upbeat rock pop song that I wrote together with Fabian Georg. This song allows Elisa to show just what she can do with her versatile voice. She is backed up with a brass ensemble. The song is about a problematic relationship.

I Cry is a very catchy adult contemporary piano ballad and proves that Elisa can handle slow, emotional songs just as well as rock songs. This sad song is about a love gone bad. I wrote this song specifically for Elisa.

Don’t Look Back is a guitar rock pop song with rap elements and a very catchy chorus all packed into a very up-to-date production. The song is about a guy who dreams that he committed a hit and run felony. As it turns out in the end, it was all just a nightmare.

I Need You Now is a dreamy love song produced as a pop track. Like most of the songs on this EP this track has a high level of hit potential. It’s about a girl who’s in love with a guy and can’t wait to spend more time with him.


  Let Me Run (feat. Elisa)

  I Cry (feat. Elisa)

  You're No Good (feat. Elisa) 

  Don't Look Back (feat. Elisa) 

  I Need You Now (feat. Elisa) 

  The Girl From Yesterday (feat. Elisa)

  Christmas With You (feat. Elisa) 

Video clips:

Let Me Run

I Cry

Let Me Run (live)

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