Ray Bertram from Arkansas

Ray Bertram

Ray Bertram from Arkansas is one of my favorite songwriting partners. Ray is an extremely talented lyricist and together we’ve written more songs than I can count. Since Ray lost his eyesight we haven’t been collaborating that much. I hope that will change in the future.


  Cowboy Law (feat. Tara-Lynn Sharrock)

  Ordinary Man (feat. Donovan Plant)

  It’s About Me (feat. Kayla Williams) 

  In The Blink Of An Eye (feat. LeeAndrew Bray)

  My Last Song (feat. Mircea Cioclei)

  As Long As I (feat. Antony Wolfson)

  Please (feat. Chantal Schramm)

  Hold On (feat. Donovan Plant)

  Son Of Superman (feat. me)

  Why (feat. me) 

  Redneck Country Party (feat. Vince Denimarck)

  I Still See You There (feat. Theresa Bertram)

  Cherry Tatoo (feat. Donovan Plant)

  My Name Is Clyde (feat. me)

  Fingers Crossed I Swear (feat. me)

  The Worst Day Of His Life (feat. me)

  Hot Dog (feat. me)

  Twenty-Five Years Ago (feat. me)

  Let’s Stay In Bed (feat. Theresa Bertram)

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